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Playfest 2016

This show be performed at The Orcas Island Grange

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Welcome to The Actors Theater -

Playfest 2016

The 11th Annual Play Fest opens Friday, April 29th on The Grange stage.

The plays will be presented at the Grange on Friday and Saturday, April 29th and 30th and Friday-Sunday, May 6th, 7th, and 8th. There will be a free dress rehearsal that is open to the public on Thursday, April 28th.

The following seven short plays will be brought to life—the culmination of local Orcas playwrights, Orcas directors, and Orcas actors. This year brings several new faces out to share their talent:

“Never Coming Back” written by Cali Bagby, directed by Lin McNulty and starring Andy Martin, Maura O’Neill, Rebecca Cuzens-Sutton, and Indy Zoeller. “Never Coming Back” gives us a look inside the mind of a patient undergoing psychiatric counseling.

“The Road to Tranquility” written by Jackie Bates, directed by Tom Fiscus and starring Cali Bagby and Kevin Doyle. The path to that tranquil place in life can have a lot of twists and turns.

“Boede Family: History in One Act” written by Janet Brownell, directed by Gillian Smith, and starring Jason Dean, Annika Truebenbach, Jeremy Reinertson and Matt Howe. Meet the Boede family -- the place is a small log cabin on Orcas Island; the time is one hundred and ten years ago.

“The Sounds of Silence” written by Kathi Ciskowski, directed by Bev Leyman and starring Alyssa Flaherty, Chris Dalla Santa, Regina Zwilling, Adia Dolan, Rebecca Sutton and Indy Zoeller. After moving to the mainland to revitalize their marriage, Rose and Roger return for a surprising (as it turns out) hike on Orcas Island inspired by the new book, "100 Secret Silent Places to Visit in Washington Before You Die."

 “Saint Lora” written by Adia Dolan, directed by Lynda Sanders, starring Liz Doane, Melinda Milligan, and Pat Ayers. After coming home from her mother’s funeral, Amy experiences different aspects of grief when she is visited by her mom one more time.

"This Play Was Written in Sand” written By M.L. Thomas, directed by Aaimee Johnson and starring Audrey Nedderman, Mandi Johnson, and Margot Van Gelder. A glimpse into the life of a woman trapped in a deserted world; briefly comforted by bittersweet memories of her little sister.

 “Salutation, Valediction” written by Indy Zoeller, directed by George Zimbelman and starring Lin McNulty, Tony Lee, and Aaimee Johnson. Francis and Oliver only met during the last chapter of their lives, but they find common ground as they stare at the stark reality of the Long Goodbye. Between bouts of banter and card games in their retirement home, the two friends contemplate the possibility of ending their lives before they lose the capacity to choose for themselves.

Tickets are $10 and all performances begin at 7:30 p.m., with doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door, at Darvill’s Bookstore or click the link at the left.

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